Saturday, November 30, 2013

Things Mr. Outsider is Not Allowed to Do in Gensokyo (1-15)

1. No matter how hot the day is, I can't use Cirno as a substitute of air conditioner.
2. Nor can I use ghosts during winter.
3. While it's a pain in the arse, I will make sure to remember Keine's surname.
4. Telling Shinmyoumaru to grant all my wishes leads to a huge consequence.
5. Suika's horns are not to be sucked.
6. If it involves missing items, Nazrin is not a walking metal detector.
7. Getting rid of Shiki's bullets by simply eating them proved to be impractical, unless I'm Yuyuko.
8. Donating a ten million Zimbabwe dollar to the shrine is a downright retarded idea.
9. Every time I reached the ninth point, I'm no longer allowed to make that joke.
10. Yelling, "Toki wo tomare!" every time Sakuya activates her spell card, while awesome, is discouraged.
11. Miko's hair doesn't resemble animal ears, no matter how much I pray.
12. If in case Iku is making an appearance, I won't hum to Night Fever.
13. I'm not allowed to accidentally shoot my ally in a danmaku duel.
14. Dropping a Nokia 3310 is not a valid excuse to cause an earthquake in Gensokyo.
15. Even if I find Kasen's repetitive nagging to be boring, I can't just retort by saying, "Whoa, Japanese is so difficult, I can't understand any of it."

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Youtube is on The Way to Destruction

It's been a rather tiring day at school today, and right now I'm in the mood to watch (and/or listen to) something on YouTube. So without any further ado, I turn my computer on and wait until it finishes booting properly.

That being done, I click on my browser and type in "" Okay, let's see... one of my subscription has uploaded a new video! Sweet! And the video is good, too, as usual. Let's check out the comments from other vie-






Waitwaitwait what? What the hell happened? Why does the comment section now look like a certain social networking service? Did I mistype the URL, somehow?

Oh, wait. No. Google has changed YouTube's design again. For the umpteenth time already, I guess? I've already lost count since then. Are they really that desperate to change this site to look that similar to those social networking sites? I mean, geez. Not to mention that I rather dislike social networks.

*sigh* I guess I'll just suck it up and adapt to it, again. But well, at least I can still comment normally, right?



Dear Google, I think I've had enough of your shittery.

First of all, you were (always) fucking around with my Youtube account by frequently giving me a notice to use my Google's profile name for my channel's name, in which I would usually click on the close button and then you would always say, "OK, we'll ask again later." Fortunately that didn't happen so often, so at least I still had my tiny bit of patience.

But unfortunately, that tiny bit of patience of mine doesn't last long, as this bullshit happens.

Seriously, Google? Now in order for me to comment on a video, I have to join your shitty ass sad excuse of a social network community? Is that it? All I want do is watch stuff, comment, and do anything else in a one, single site - called YouTube. Is that really so much to ask? Duh, of course it is. Because you just had to fuck everything up with your constant updates; in which you would call it "improvements to help things easier for the user." Well no shit. You just made things way worse and worse than before. And you're practically digging a deeper hole now. Nice job, Google.

And while I'm still at this topic, I also want to say that - among the features that you've come up with, I always liked the one that allows me to view the comment that a comment is replying to with just a single click. So, why do I feel the need to mention this? Fuck, I dunno. It's not like you removed that feature in particular, right?

By the way, keep in mind that I'm still resisting the urge to caps lock this whole post.

Anyway, back to what I was saying; Google+ should be a CHOICE, not a fucking REQUIREMENT. There are lot more things that I want to complain, but to begin with, Google+ is already so inconvenient to use. I've tried it, at least. And fortunately there exists a feature to disconnect the link.

But then again, it's pointless now that you have to connect to Google+ in order to comment anyway! I mean, geez! I've even got two of them! (And I heard that a few people have three or more of them. Goodness gracious.)

I've said this before, and I will say it again. I just want to watch stuff, comment, and do anything normally on Youtube. I don't give a shit about any of this social ass crack. Why the fuck do these assholes force this pathetic attempt to surpass Facebook down my (and any other people's) fucking throat?

Face it, Google. People like Youtube for what it is. It is merely the opinion of mine as one among the Youtube users that Google+ is a complete utter failure, and that the ones who came up with the whole idea of forcing the users to join Google+ should go fuck themselves with a nearby baton. I personally recommend a nunchaku, as it's much stronger compared to the baton, should it break during the action.

Last but not least; fuck you, Google and everything you stand for.

Friday, October 18, 2013

How to Piss Off Touhou Fans

A few hours ago, I accidentally found myself in a 'U.N. Owen was Her?' video when I was trying to come up with some inspiration for my Halloween project. Needless to say, it was pretty much filled with the fans who rage, and the trolls who troll.

And then - being a Touhou fan myself, I was wondering, "Is there a list of 'How To Easily Piss Off Any Touhou Fan' anywhere?" But before I realized it, I've already decided to make my own. So here it is, a list of quote that can trigger diehard Touhou fans' berserk button in one way or another.

Image courtesy of わさび少女 (wasabi shoujo)

1. "What anime is this?"
2. "I've finally found Death Waltz!" in a 'U.N. Owen was Her?' video.
3. Or the variant, "This song is actually a remix of Death Waltz."
4. OR the variant, "Stolen from McRoll!"
5. "<insert shmup game here> is harder than Touhou."
6. "I play this game on easy mode."
7. "I only like the fanon."
8. "Ten Desires is so easy, therefore it sucks."
9. あたい = Eye. Like so: "Eye'm the strongest!"
10. "Pfftt... there's such thing as canon in Touhou?"
11. "...since she's Nazrin!"
12. "Aya or Sanae (or both) is a slut."
13. Or maybe, "<insert any touhous except Rinnosuke here> is a slut."
14. "Alice is a tsundere/yandere."
15. "Lazy Meiling is gonna get knifed by Sakuya!"
16. "Mima won't be making an appearance in the next Touhou game."
17. "Tenshi is a masochist."
18. "I recently heard from CNN that this stop motion video is how they made Bad Apple."
19. "Letty is fat."
20. "Hataters gonna Hatate."
21. "ZUN's art is the best art ever!"
22. "Sanae is a good girl."
23. "Pettan, pettan, tsurupettan."
24. "Kaguya is a NEET."
25. "Sakuya, do you wear pads-" *knifed*

I won't be surprised if this list is going to spectacularly backfire on me.

Also, I'll update this when I can find (or think of) more.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

An Upside-Down Kobito who Wandered Around in an Upside-Down Castle

Recently, I released my arrangement of Touhou DDC's stage 5 theme, The Shining Needle Castle Sinking in the Air.

You can also listen it on Newgrounds, if you feel like it.

Anyway, I'll just copy-paste the description from Newgrounds into here. I really need my sleep right now. There may be a lot of grammatical error in this post, too. But meh, at this point I don't really care.



Cahaya - An Upside-Down Kobito who Wandered Around in an Upside-Down Castle

Yes, that's indeed the full title of this song. Long title is long.

Anyway, this is my arrangement of Touhou DDC's stage 5 theme, "The Shining Needle Castle Sinking in the Air."

I don't really have much to say, to be honest. If anything, I'd like to say that I finished this project just in two days, and right now I'm tired as hell.

And also when I arranged this, the image of Issun-boshi was somehow the one to show up in my mind instead of the Amanojaku herself; hence the title "An Upside-Down Kobito".

No offense, Seija. :D

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Purin-chan to Ofuro ni Hairou!

Purin-chan to Ofuro ni Hairou (Japanese: プリンちゃんとお風呂に入ろう!, my own blind idiot translation. "Let's join in the bath with Purin-chan!"), an eroge developed by a circle named parabolica, is what happens if one flawlessly combines Japan, boxing, boobs, eroge, a blonde-haired bishoujo, boobs, slapping, and horror.

Oh, and swimsuit. Almost forget about that.

To be honest, I haven't played the game yet; seeing that it can easily overheat my computer in an instant. But from what I can see: you play as a... someone, who casually enters a bathroom, only to find that a girl has already claimed the bathtub. Well, maybe it was already his intention from the very beginning. Maybe he already knew that she was inside the bathroom. As I said earlier, I'm merely guessing here.

You (the player), determined to have the bath for your own, then decided to chase her away with your own way; that is, by sexually harassing her.

And so begins your mission to conquer this chick in this battle for dominance.

Please try to not take all of the above statements too seriously.

For those who are curious, this is the gameplay footage.

Yeah, that's right. It's those kind of games. Being an otaku myself, and after seeing a fuckton of weird shit coming from the otaku basement that is Japan itself, I wouldn't be less surprised.

If you feel like playing it for yourself (and for the plot), I've already provided the download link to the game below. Aside from mentioning the demographic of the game (which is obviously targeted to male audiences), do note that it also features erotic content and may not be suitable for minors. You have been warned.

<sarcasm> Welp... I thought it's still not obvious enough, judging from the picture and the video above. </sarcasm>
Password: purin

Enjoy the game and your fap material.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Script to Display Date & Time Using JavaScript

You can use it for your webpage/blog, too!

Just a few hours ago, I was thinking to add a plain 'date and time' widget to this blog. After a bit of searching, I finally found a site with the exact script. But unfortunately, it didn't really meet my standard.

As you can see, there's no comma after the name of the day, and it doesn't really look that good in my eyes. My own preference would be the one displayed on the right side of this very blog. Yup, that one.

Moreover, if you check the script, you'll notice that it requires two separate files; one for the .js file and one for the HTML to load the .js file.

Seeing that blogger doesn't provide file hosting (except for photos and videos), and it's way too complicated to host the .js file outside of Blogger server (and I'm a lazy ass to begin with), so I thought, "Ah, what the hell..." and decided to slightly alter the script, so that it can work on Blogger's HTML/JavaScript widget just fine. Besides, it's a short script anyway. So, why not?

tl;dr - Here's the altered script. But before that, click the 'read more' below first, will ya?

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I Clicked a Cookie

...instead of, you know, eating it.

It was a rather sunny day in Bekasi. A really nice time to do something productive. I could have done a chore, went for a light jogging, helped my brother download that anime about naked giants attacking people's shit (man, is that anime so popular as ever), or baked a cookie.

But instead, I sat my lazy ass down at my computer (like always) and clicked a cookie. While being helped by nice grandmas to bake more cookies.

What? Of course I'm talking about that game - Cookie Clicker. Duh.

As a wise man once said, "The journey of a thousand cookies begins with a single click."

First of all, Cookie Clicker is what you call an idle game; the kind of game where you just leave your game running by itself for long periods of time.

Now, you probably will ask, "What's the fun of it when I'm doing nothing but waiting?"

Well, well. Fun fact about this kind of game; the majority of them are actually so addictive in their own way. Don't believe me? Well then, you can try it for yourself here - or here for the old version. I say play the old version instead if your computer is shitty (like mine, for example).

So anyway, back to the game itself. The objective is quite simple; you start out with a single large, clickable cookie (as seen on the pictures above). One click from it produces one cookie. Once you've produced enough cookies, you can buy upgrades to help you with your cookies clicking. Soon enough, you will find yourself no longer have to click anything as your upgrades will be doing the job for you.

Of course there are more things to expect, and these things involve eldritch abominations, aka. Things Man Was Not Meant To Meet. But hey, this is for you to find out, and not for me to spoil it any further.

So far, I've played three idle games (including this). The others are Coinbox Hero (made by jmtb02, of Elephant Quest fame), and Kaguya Table (for Touhou fans out there). Try them out too if you have time to waste!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Suatu Hari di Gensokyo - #3

This blog might as well be dedicated to my webcomic...

Anyway, new strip; this time with no fourth wall.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lacking Creative Juices

More like I don't have any to begin with.

I have so many WIP projects that need to be done right now; whether they be music, literature, or just a rubbish that exists just to waste my time, in a good way. The problem is, my creative juices just won't flow, no matter how hard I try.

I mean, seriously. For the love of Mike, pass me the goddamn coffee! It's still afternoon, but my eyes really need a good rinse right now!

Anyway, so far I have 6 FL WIP projects, 2 abandoned FL Projects, 2 WIP fanfictions, and 2 WIP original literature. And I have no idea what to do with them. Seems like my incompetence gets the better of me once again.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

My FL Studio Can't Be This Irritating

Just a few hours ago, I scratched my head in confusion. I thought my FL Studio was acting up again (and by again, I mean for the umpteenth time). Because everytime I tried to save my project, it refreshed the browser (you know, the one in the sidebar) instead. Though it's a good thing that it was still properly saved somehow, but I just couldn't help but wonder out loud, "Why the hell did that just happen anyway?"

As I said earlier, the program saved my project and refreshed the browser at the same time. And you know that refreshing the whole library would no doubt make my CPU went apeshit. One moment a certain charismatic loli vampire entered my mind and guided this ever fragile, lowly human to arrange her theme, and the next moment her even-more-fragile little sister with wings made out of iron and crystal single-handedly annihilated my CPU load, only because I kept hitting CTRL+S in an assumption that I couldn't - for some reason - save the file.

"So how could it happen again?" I asked myself the rather similar question as above.

And so the investigation began. Long story short, it turned out that the whole problem lied within the fact that I ran two FL Studio at the same time; one for my own project, and another one for the midi. I had no idea how was it even possible for this issue to even occur, but it just did.

And you know, this issue wouldn't happen if my Wine isn't such an ass.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Skin Glassed


Oh well, I sincerely blame a certain blogger (or is it wordpresser instead? I know it sounds kinda silly) for making me write a post in this blog ever again. Not that I'm really complaining or anything.

But... now that I actually think about it; writing blog is just one of my hobbies in this space called the internet. Once I'm bored with it, I'd do something else. Like, say: composing/arranging music, uploading music on Youtube, being a part of scanlations, writing fanfictions, translating doujinshi, and any other stuff.

In conclusion; I'm easily bored, and always wanted to do something different all at once. And this is probably why I always found myself trying to make music with different genres. Ranging from orchestral, classical, oriental, trance, techno, to drum and bass. And maybe dubstep too, if only Massive isn't fucking with my FL and my CPU.

Speaking of CPU, my notebook is so easy to overheat, and it eventually turns off by itself. And because of that, everytime I brought it to my school, I had to constantly turn it off every goddamn hour! And man, was it annoying. Good thing that I own a cooler pad now, or else I'd totally pour ass juice down the throat of an unwilling zebra.

Seems like I need to redesign this blog, too.