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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Things Mr. Outsider is Not Allowed to Do in Gensokyo (1-15)

1. No matter how hot the day is, I can't use Cirno as a substitute of air conditioner.
2. Nor can I use ghosts during winter.
3. While it's a pain in the arse, I will make sure to remember Keine's surname.
4. Telling Shinmyoumaru to grant all my wishes leads to a huge consequence.
5. Suika's horns are not to be sucked.
6. If it involves missing items, Nazrin is not a walking metal detector.
7. Getting rid of Shiki's bullets by simply eating them proved to be impractical, unless I'm Yuyuko.
8. Donating a ten million Zimbabwe dollar to the shrine is a downright retarded idea.
9. Every time I reached the ninth point, I'm no longer allowed to make that joke.
10. Yelling, "Toki wo tomare!" every time Sakuya activates her spell card, while awesome, is discouraged.
11. Miko's hair doesn't resemble animal ears, no matter how much I pray.
12. If in case Iku is making an appearance, I won't hum to Night Fever.
13. I'm not allowed to accidentally shoot my ally in a danmaku duel.
14. Dropping a Nokia 3310 is not a valid excuse to cause an earthquake in Gensokyo.
15. Even if I find Kasen's repetitive nagging to be boring, I can't just retort by saying, "Whoa, Japanese is so difficult, I can't understand any of it."

Friday, October 18, 2013

How to Piss Off Touhou Fans

A few hours ago, I accidentally found myself in a 'U.N. Owen was Her?' video when I was trying to come up with some inspiration for my Halloween project. Needless to say, it was pretty much filled with the fans who rage, and the trolls who troll.

And then - being a Touhou fan myself, I was wondering, "Is there a list of 'How To Easily Piss Off Any Touhou Fan' anywhere?" But before I realized it, I've already decided to make my own. So here it is, a list of quote that can trigger diehard Touhou fans' berserk button in one way or another.

Image courtesy of わさび少女 (wasabi shoujo)

1. "What anime is this?"
2. "I've finally found Death Waltz!" in a 'U.N. Owen was Her?' video.
3. Or the variant, "This song is actually a remix of Death Waltz."
4. OR the variant, "Stolen from McRoll!"
5. "<insert shmup game here> is harder than Touhou."
6. "I play this game on easy mode."
7. "I only like the fanon."
8. "Ten Desires is so easy, therefore it sucks."
9. あたい = Eye. Like so: "Eye'm the strongest!"
10. "Pfftt... there's such thing as canon in Touhou?"
11. "...since she's Nazrin!"
12. "Aya or Sanae (or both) is a slut."
13. Or maybe, "<insert any touhous except Rinnosuke here> is a slut."
14. "Alice is a tsundere/yandere."
15. "Lazy Meiling is gonna get knifed by Sakuya!"
16. "Mima won't be making an appearance in the next Touhou game."
17. "Tenshi is a masochist."
18. "I recently heard from CNN that this stop motion video is how they made Bad Apple."
19. "Letty is fat."
20. "Hataters gonna Hatate."
21. "ZUN's art is the best art ever!"
22. "Sanae is a good girl."
23. "Pettan, pettan, tsurupettan."
24. "Kaguya is a NEET."
25. "Sakuya, do you wear pads-" *knifed*

I won't be surprised if this list is going to spectacularly backfire on me.

Also, I'll update this when I can find (or think of) more.