Saturday, October 5, 2013

Purin-chan to Ofuro ni Hairou!

Purin-chan to Ofuro ni Hairou (Japanese: プリンちゃんとお風呂に入ろう!, my own blind idiot translation. "Let's join in the bath with Purin-chan!"), an eroge developed by a circle named parabolica, is what happens if one flawlessly combines Japan, boxing, boobs, eroge, a blonde-haired bishoujo, boobs, slapping, and horror.

Oh, and swimsuit. Almost forget about that.

To be honest, I haven't played the game yet; seeing that it can easily overheat my computer in an instant. But from what I can see: you play as a... someone, who casually enters a bathroom, only to find that a girl has already claimed the bathtub. Well, maybe it was already his intention from the very beginning. Maybe he already knew that she was inside the bathroom. As I said earlier, I'm merely guessing here.

You (the player), determined to have the bath for your own, then decided to chase her away with your own way; that is, by sexually harassing her.

And so begins your mission to conquer this chick in this battle for dominance.

Please try to not take all of the above statements too seriously.

For those who are curious, this is the gameplay footage.

Yeah, that's right. It's those kind of games. Being an otaku myself, and after seeing a fuckton of weird shit coming from the otaku basement that is Japan itself, I wouldn't be less surprised.

If you feel like playing it for yourself (and for the plot), I've already provided the download link to the game below. Aside from mentioning the demographic of the game (which is obviously targeted to male audiences), do note that it also features erotic content and may not be suitable for minors. You have been warned.

<sarcasm> Welp... I thought it's still not obvious enough, judging from the picture and the video above. </sarcasm>
Password: purin

Enjoy the game and your fap material.

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