Saturday, September 14, 2013

My FL Studio Can't Be This Irritating

Just a few hours ago, I scratched my head in confusion. I thought my FL Studio was acting up again (and by again, I mean for the umpteenth time). Because everytime I tried to save my project, it refreshed the browser (you know, the one in the sidebar) instead. Though it's a good thing that it was still properly saved somehow, but I just couldn't help but wonder out loud, "Why the hell did that just happen anyway?"

As I said earlier, the program saved my project and refreshed the browser at the same time. And you know that refreshing the whole library would no doubt make my CPU went apeshit. One moment a certain charismatic loli vampire entered my mind and guided this ever fragile, lowly human to arrange her theme, and the next moment her even-more-fragile little sister with wings made out of iron and crystal single-handedly annihilated my CPU load, only because I kept hitting CTRL+S in an assumption that I couldn't - for some reason - save the file.

"So how could it happen again?" I asked myself the rather similar question as above.

And so the investigation began. Long story short, it turned out that the whole problem lied within the fact that I ran two FL Studio at the same time; one for my own project, and another one for the midi. I had no idea how was it even possible for this issue to even occur, but it just did.

And you know, this issue wouldn't happen if my Wine isn't such an ass.

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