Saturday, November 30, 2013

Things Mr. Outsider is Not Allowed to Do in Gensokyo (1-15)

1. No matter how hot the day is, I can't use Cirno as a substitute of air conditioner.
2. Nor can I use ghosts during winter.
3. While it's a pain in the arse, I will make sure to remember Keine's surname.
4. Telling Shinmyoumaru to grant all my wishes leads to a huge consequence.
5. Suika's horns are not to be sucked.
6. If it involves missing items, Nazrin is not a walking metal detector.
7. Getting rid of Shiki's bullets by simply eating them proved to be impractical, unless I'm Yuyuko.
8. Donating a ten million Zimbabwe dollar to the shrine is a downright retarded idea.
9. Every time I reached the ninth point, I'm no longer allowed to make that joke.
10. Yelling, "Toki wo tomare!" every time Sakuya activates her spell card, while awesome, is discouraged.
11. Miko's hair doesn't resemble animal ears, no matter how much I pray.
12. If in case Iku is making an appearance, I won't hum to Night Fever.
13. I'm not allowed to accidentally shoot my ally in a danmaku duel.
14. Dropping a Nokia 3310 is not a valid excuse to cause an earthquake in Gensokyo.
15. Even if I find Kasen's repetitive nagging to be boring, I can't just retort by saying, "Whoa, Japanese is so difficult, I can't understand any of it."

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